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Township Bills

Summer Tax Information

Summer Taxes are sent by July 1 and are due on September 14. After the due date, a penalty of 1% will be applied to the amount due each month or portion of a month that the payment is overdue.

Winter Tax Information

Winter Taxes are sent by December 1 and are due on February 14. A 3% penalty will be applied if the bill is paid between February 15 & February 28. All taxes not paid by March 1 are turned over as delinquent to the County Treasurer and subject to additional penalties and interest.

Escrow Taxes

If your taxes are escrowed, please contact your escrow holder or check the Township website to ensure tax payment has been made.

Utility Bill Search

Perform a utility bill search by clicking below. Find your utility bill by searching your name or address.

Utility Bill Search

Fee Schedule

All public hearing notices required by Ordinance must be paid by the Applicant within 15 days after the Applicant receives the Township’s Invoice. For the full fee schedule and policy, click below.

Fee Schedule and Policy

Tax Bill Look-up

For public information on current taxes due, as well as information on past taxes paid to Ann Arbor Charter Township, click here.

Tax Information Search

Please note that Township taxes cannot be paid online.  Taxes may be paid at the Township Office or any Bank of Ann Arbor location.