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General Voting Information

Polling, District, and General Voting Information

Precinct 1 (Fire Station 1)

Precinct 2 (Fire Station 2)

2018 Election Dates

May 8, 2018

Primary Election August 7, 2018

General Election November 6, 2018

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Ann Arbor Township Districts

There are 8 different combinations of County Commissioner (CC) districts and House of Representatives (H) districts and precincts located in Ann Arbor Charter Township.  To check which districts you live in, consult your Voter ID card, or look yourself up online at and click “My Voting District Information”

Precinct 1

H55 CC2

H53 CC2

H53 CC9

H55 CC9

Precinct 2

H55 CC2

H55 CC7

H55 CC9

H53 CC7