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Toyota Application for Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption

Toyota Application for Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption

Pursuant to Michigan Public Act 198 of 1974, as amended, notice is hereby given that the Ann Arbor Charter Township Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing Monday, March 16, 2015 at 7:30 pm at the Township Hall, 3792 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI for the purpose of hearing public comment regarding an application filed for an Industrial Faculties Tax Exemption Certificate (tax abatement) for Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing N.A., Inc. for the property at 1555 Woodridge Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI  48105.

Project Description:  The Applicant plans to spend approximately $40,000,000 on land and building improvements (real property) and $35,150,000 on machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures (personal property), for a total project cost of $75,150,000.

The application is available for public inspection at the Township Office, 3792 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI, weekdays 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.  Written comments regarding this project should be submitted to the Township Clerk, and must be received no later than 4:30 pm on March 16, 2015.  Minutes of all meetings are available at the Township Office and on the Township’s Website

Rena Basch, Clerk,